Boudoir Photography Prices in Surrey – Photo-shoots from £195

Boudoir Photography Prices in Surrey… Photo-shoots from £195

HerBoudoirDreams™ is a Digital Image Boudoir photography service based in Surrey. That means we mostly sell hi-res digital images (JPEG files) to our clients rather than prints and wall portraits. That’s what 99.9% of our clients really want as it gives them the flexibility to print, publish and share their images as they see fit. We can provide hard copy media and wall portraits as well if you prefer and are happy to discuss your needs with you at any time.

Our Boudoir Photography prices in Surrey start from just £195.

What’s included in every Boudoir Photography package???

Here’s what’s included in every one of our Boudoir Photography packages…

  • Your Boudoir Photo-shoot with Gavin as your photographer – our Vogue featured, internationally published, award-winning photographer. Gavin trained in fashion photography and also worked as house photographer for a London model agency… He knows how to make you be the best you can be on the day. (Quickly puts you at ease and boosts your confidence to make your images sing)
  • Full direction – very few people have had a professional photo-shoot (family portraits and weddings don’t really count!) and that’s fine. You’ll be directed into every pose and together we’ll find your best angles, what works and what doesn’t until we nail that killer shot. (what’s more you can use this knowledge and experience every time someone takes your picture… you’ll get better photos than all your friends and know how make the best selfies in town)
  • Professional Hair and Make-Up – all-female team. Highly talented, professionally trained and very experienced at working on magazine fashion shoots. You’ll look fantastic and feel amazing (plus you’ll have your own private tutorial for every look to pick up a few tips along the way)
  • All-female prep team – they create your hair and make-up… they help with styling… they support and attend to you on set… (as professional courtesy we always use a female prep team. Why? Because they’re also on hand whenever you’re on set to fix stray hairs and make-up, hide straps and adjust clothing)
  • Privacy and Discretion, 100% Guaranteed!! — Our personal promise to you that your images will not be published, shared on the internet or even shown to a 3rd party without your written consent.

…and that’s not all… to hear the whole list of everything that’s included with our Boudoir Photography packages, why not…

…get your Complete guide to our Boudoir Photography prices and packages today?

Request your copy of our Complete Boudoir Photography pricelist, now. It’s your one-stop guide to our full list of our packages, prices and options for your boudoir photo-shoot, including studio locations throughout Surrey…

This is far, far more than a portrait shoot. It’s even more than a makeover shoot… You’ll see yourself as never before… You’ll create images you never before dreamed were possible… Plus, you’ll be the envy of your girlfriends (if you dare to show them that is — listen out for phrases like “…is that really you???”, “OMG!”, “…that’s never you!!!” and “that can’t be you, can it???”)

Imagine the look on your friends’ faces when they see your pictures…

Jaws will drop.

Respect earned.

And your partner?

He or she may never look at you the same way again…

Portrait of attractive sensual young woman with mask and black

Dare you be naughty too?


What to expect from your Boudoir Photography experience…

Boudoir Photography has far more in common with a fashion shoot than a portrait sitting at a pokey High Street studio. The big difference though is this shoot is all about YOU — it’s a high energy shoot that creates demure, sultry, sensual images of you for you and your partner (if they don’t think of you as the girl of their dreams when they see your images, we’ve failed!).

This is what to expect as your day unfolds…

The prep-team girls will whisk you through hair and make-up to create your first “look” (don’t forget to pick up a few cool make-up and hair styling tips from the experts whilst you’re in the chair!!!). When you’re done it’s off to the changing room for a lightning quick outfit change and you’re ready for your first shot…

You’ll start off really simple. No need to worry if you haven’t done anything like this before… very few clients have. Gavin has photographed lots of girls over the years. He’ll give you clear directions, easy poses and lots and lots of encouragement (positive energy and feedback are basic, essential ingredients for every successful shoot). The prep team girls will be on set supporting you as well. They’re on hand and ready to dive in for those last minute tweaks and adjustments to your hair, make-up and clothing that will keep you camera-ready and looking perfect.

The energy on set is electric — the smell of the hair spray, the make-up, the music, the lights, the camera. There’s the buzz of excitement blended with nervous anticipation. It’s all come together for this one moment: the first shot… your first shot. You hear the direction… You move… The fan catches your hair… It bursts into life… Your photographer sees it… click… Flash… Flash… Flash… the lights all trigger… You’ve nailed your first shot. Just wait ’til your friends see it!

But that was only the beginning… That was our starting point. We’ve a long way to go… There’s lots, lots more to do yet. It’ll be a busy day.

There’s just time for a quick review – so you can see what worked and, equally important, what didn’t. We’ll do this throughout your session – it’s crucial to delivering stronger and stronger images every time. You’ll discover which angles work best and those to avoid (You can use this new- found knowledge in future for every photo to create consistently better pictures than any of your friends and ‘win’ every group photo and have the best Selfies in town).

That’s one of biggest secrets of a photo-shoot: it’s what’s going on in your mind that matters, not the looks. (Most professional models are plain, ordinary looking and have very bad skin. They look amazing because they know how to work with the camera… Hair, make-up and a lot of Photoshop do the rest.)

But I digress… We have work to do… A couple more outfits to shoot then it’s back into hair and make-up for Look Two.


Boudoir Photography - Black Lingerie

Boudoir Photography – Black Lingerie

Boudoir Photography Options and Extras…

  • Extra Looks  — add an extra hair/make-up look to your boudoir photography package. This optional extra includes one extra hair and make-up look, 6 additional digital images for your collection and the extra studio time.
  • Wall Portraits — Tease your partner with a large, framed print for your bedroom, basque in the luxury of a stretched canvas for your home or relish the contemporary look that only an acrylic print can bring.
  • Custom designed photo-book — see yourself in print with a custom designed book or album of your favourite images.
  • Hair Stylist — add extra WOW! to your images by booking our hair stylist. Specialising in vintage and up-dos she’ll make your hair look totally amazing. Plus, the added bonus with having a full prep team: you’ll be camera ready faster so you’ll benefit from more time on set.
  • Cosmetic retouch — Body sculpting, rejuvenation, eye opening, teeth whitening etc.
  • Creative/fantasy retouch — Artistic retouch by a digital illustrator who’ll create a very unique image, just for you.
  • Additional Images — Add extra images to your collection.
  • Larger images — need higher resolution images? Talk to us at the proofing stage about larger digital image sizes***

For a full list of options please request our Boudoir Photography price guide using the form above.


Boudoir Photography Service Notes…

*** Our standard digital image sizes are 3600px x 2400px (may vary slightly according to the final crop). Larger sizes are available and priced accordingly.

Owing to the nature of the genre and the inherant suggestion of nudity, we are unable to book clients younger than 18 years of age for a boudoir photo-shoot, even with parental consent.

Prices correct at the time of writing. HerBoudoirDreams™ and Gavin Thorn Photography reserve the right to alter these prices without notice.