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Guildford photographer launches new boudoir photography service in Surrey

PRESS RELEASE: Guildford photographer launches new boudoir photography service in Surrey For immediate release April 22nd, 2015 Guildford photographer, Gavin Thorn, today announced the launch of a new, specialist boudoir photography service, HerBoudoirDreams™.

Boudoir Photography- teasing is pleasing

Teasing is Pleasing…

One of the big differentiators between boudoir photography and glamour photography is the strong reliance on suggestion. Boudoir hides and/or covers up in order to stimulate the viewer into using his or her imagination. It’s a very powerful concept and when used correctly creates sensual, provocative images. Sometimes even more controversial than simply having everything
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beautiful boudoir photography, surrey

Sometimes all you need is a towel…

Sometimes, all you need is a towel… Boudoir photography relies on suggestion, playing with the viewer’s mind to have him or her fill in the blanks with the image before them. This was exactly what we did with Ann in her favourite image from her boudoir shoot with us recently. The styling was incredibly simple,
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What to wear for your Boudoir photo-shoot

Unsure what to wear on your Boudoir Shoot?

What to do if you’re unsure what to wear for your Boudoir shoot… So, you’ve booked your Boudoir shoot, it’s a few days before the big event and you’ve suddenly realised you don’t know what to wear. Everything you’d planned to wear doesn’t appeal anymore. Nothing seems right. You simply don’t know what to wear.

Boudoir Photography Questions

Can I bring a friend to my boudoir photo-shooot?

Simple answer: YES — You can bring a friend to your boudoir photo-shoot If you’d like to bring a girlfriend along to your boudoir photo-shoot for moral support, you’re more than welcome. We have absolutely no objections whatsoever. In fact, many clients bring a friend with them to the studio for moral support and to share
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Bridal Boudoir Photography, Surrey

Bridal Boudoir Photography in Surrey – Mio

Bridal Boudoir Photography in Surrey – Mio A little while ago, Mio approached us to make a set of images for her husband-to-be. She wanted to give him a very special, intimate gift on their wedding day, for his eyes only. Naturally we were very excited. Bridal Boudoir Photography always has such a deeply personal
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Boudoir Photography Questions

Will you use my boudoir pictures on your website?

Simple answer: No. Your boudoir pictures are very intimate, private portraits. We understand and respect our clients’ desire for privacy and anonymity and our company policy is that we won’t publish your boudoir pictures on the Internet, share them on Social Media nor even show them to a 3rd party without your written permission.

Outdoor Boudoir Photography - Surrey Countryside

Outdoor Boudoir Photography in the Surrey Countryside

Outdoor Boudoir Photography — Working On Location In The Surrey Countryside… We don’t often get out to do a boudoir shoot in the coutryside which is a real shame. Surrey is blessed with some amazing locations to shoot although we do need to be a little careful to make sure we’re in a private spot
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Boudoir Portrait - Alana - Implied Nude

What’s the difference between boudoir and glamour photography?

Boudoir and Glamour Photography are very different genres, here’s why… Boudoir photography provokes emotion, it stimulates the imagination of the viewer to create desire. It speaks to the viewer saying, “This is me. I’m confident in who I am. I’m free. I’m comfortable and proud of my body. I’m powerful. I’m happy.” Glamour photography is
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Boudoir Photography Questions

Levels of Boudoir — Do I have to pose topless?

“Do I have to pose topless…?” …is one of the most frequent questions we’re asked by prospective clients. The short answer is “No.” You don’t have to pose topless, in fact, you don’t need to remove anything you don’t wish to nor do you need to show anything you don’t feel comfortable showing. That’s one
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