How much does a Boudoir Photo-shoot cost?

How much does a boudoir photo-shoot cost?

Prices for boudoir photography packages vary a great deal from photographer to photographer and also by location. I’m based in Surrey and although I’ve looked at data from boudoir photographers all over the UK, there were definite regional variations. In my own market research I’ve found prices to vary from £99 at the very bottom of the market to £1,000+ at the top. So too did the package offering, talent and ability of the photographer in question.

Boudoir Photography - Surrey

Boudoir Photography – Surrey

At the cheaper end of the market you’re more likely to find photographers offering a boudoir shoot as a bolt-on service to an existing wedding or portrait business. There’s nothing wrong with that — its a great way to increase their revenue and offer an additional service to their existing clients. The higher end of the market tends to be the specialist studios offering just boudoir packages although there are always exceptions.

My advice is don’t get caught by the headline boudoir photo-shoot price. One trick many studios use is to offer a cheap shoot (often at cost or even less) to get the client through the door, knowing they’ll make their money selling wall art later. That’s why many of my competitors are very evasive when it comes to pricing.

WARNING — if the photographer is evasive about pricing prior to booking, you’re likely to spend significantly more than you originally bargained for!!!

Personally I abhor this practice. HerBoudoirDreams™ was set up to be completely open with each and every client. Why? Because I want you to leave with a great set of images having had a first class service. In fact, I want you to be so happy with the service you received and the images you made that you’ll tell all your friends about me. That’s not going to happen if you end up spending several times what you budgeted for — it leaves a very bad taste in the mouth.

So, if you’d like to receive a complmentary copy of our full price guide you can request it here. I’ll rush one over to you straight away. There’s no commitment and you’ll know exactly what you’ll be spending if you choose us.

sensual boudoir photography in surrey

Sensual Boudoir Photography

Talent and ability also impact the price and the general rule of thumb is the more experienced, published or famous the photographer, the higher the prices they charge.

A third factor is the content of the package. These aren’t straightforward to compare… every boudoir photographer tries to distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack by offering something slightly different. You’ll see figures quoted for photo-shoot time, price and finished images. The latter will vary greatly in terms of size, format and medium. Ultimately it comes down to your own personal preference as to whether you’d like digital images or prints (framed prints, matted prints – prints supplied mounted ready to put into your own frame – or simple prints).

My own opinion is that hi-res digital images are far more flexible and useful for the client. All our finished digital images are delivered un-watermarked Royalty Free so you can print, publish and share as you see fit (all we ask is you don’t sell them). This is in line with industry trends too as every client asks for jpg files.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a boudoir photographer my advice would be to set your price point first, then find someone who can deliver what you want for that price. If they’re evasive about product prices before booking don’t be surprised if you go way over your budget.

Make sure you look at their images too. Are they all the same from client to client? Does this matter to you? How would you feel if your best friend came in the following week and made the same images as you?

Lastly, would you feel comfortable working with that photographer? You boudoir shoot will involve some degree of nudity and if you’re at all worried or nervous about your photographer you shouldn’t book them.

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