Unsure what to wear on your Boudoir Shoot?

What to do if you’re unsure what to wear for your Boudoir shoot…

So, you’ve booked your Boudoir shoot, it’s a few days before the big event and you’ve suddenly realised you don’t know what to wear. Everything you’d planned to wear doesn’t appeal anymore. Nothing seems right. You simply don’t know what to wear.


Don’t worry, this happens a lot. Nearly every client has this dilemma. Its an extension of the classic “I’ve got nothing to wear” but it’s more exaggerated with boudoir. Once you’re faced with the prospect of being ‘seen’ in your undies it creates a whole new issue.

What to wear for your Boudoir photo-shoot

Sometimes all you need is a towel…

Tell him you want the shirt off his back…

A white cotton shirt and panties will create a stunning set of very sexy, sensual images. ‘Borrow’ one of your partner’s shirts, it doesn’t matter if it’s too big — that adds to the image. Undo the cuffs and roll up the sleeves. It’s simple and very effective.

Lingerie is always a safe bet when choosing what to wear…

…but you need to be careful what you choose.

Try to avoid anything that’s worn or faded. It may be your favourite and super comfortable but it’ll look old and worn, possibly even tatty to the camera. That’s a look nobody wants and will ruin your pictures.

Boudoir Photography - Lingerie

Boudoir Photography – Lingerie

Comfort wins every time. There’s no denying it, if you’re lingerie is uncomfortable it will show on your photos. It’s hard to feel sexy when you have wires poking in you. (the exception of course being a corset, if you’re planning to wear one)

Flattery will get you everywhere… What looks amazing on a catalogue model won’t work on everyone. When planning what to wear, make sure it flatters you and your body. Your mirror is your friend. Look at yourself from different angles, see how you look and if you like what you see, that’s a definite candidate for your shoot.

Complementary colours… The best effect is colours that work well with your skin tone and won’t ‘date’ an image. Some colours don’t work at all — ‘nude’ is a classic example. It’s designed to be less obvious when worn under clothing. That makes it useless for boudoir. The classic colours never fail.

  • Red — the colour of blood and fire. It’s symbolises danger, passion, heat, lust. It’s a sign of a woman’s desirability, sexuality and power
  • Black — the colour of mystery, elegance, power and authority.
  • White — the colour of goodness, innocence, purity and virginity. Bridal Boudoir photos tend to feature a lot of white lingerie for this very reason.

If you’d like me to write an article about the colours of boudoir, leave a comment and let me know.

Top tip — when choosing lingerie colours for your boudoir photos, make sure the colour complements your skin tone. If its too similar it won’t show as well in your images.

Baby dolls, Chemises, Basques and Teddies are always a good choice

They’re easy to wear as they’re not too revealing, even if they’re quite sheer, so make a good first outfit whist you’re settling into your shoot.

Don’t forget your shoes!

Boudoir Photography - What to Wear

Unsure what to wear for your boudoir photos?

A clean pair of heels is a great accessory for almost any boudoir outfit. Bare feet are tricky to pose and photograph well. A few pairs of well chosen shoes can make all the difference to your pictures.

Other ideas of what to wear for your boudoir shoot…

  • crop top and shorts
  • for the more sporty client, what about a leotard and tights?
  • feather boa to add a little tease
  • swimwear and body oil – particularly if you’re planning a beach boudoir shoot


Careful choice of what to wear can create a huge amount of variety with your boudoir images. Different outfits, even different colours, will make you act and feel differently. This will translate to your images too. In one set you might be the pure, innocent, virgin bride and the next the mysterious, powerful temptress who no man can resist. All with a change of outfit, a tweak of make-up and the right pose.

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