Will you use my boudoir pictures on your website?

Simple answer: No.

We give you a 100%, cast-iron guarantee that nobody will see your pictures without your permission.

Your boudoir pictures are very intimate, private portraits. We understand and respect our clients’ desire for privacy and anonymity and our company policy is that we won’t publish your boudoir pictures on the Internet, share them on Social Media nor even show them to a 3rd party without your written permission.

At HerBoudoirDreams™ we value our clients’ desire for privacy very seriously indeed. Most people don’t want semi-naked photographs of themselves published on the internet, Facebook or any other social media platform fo all their friends, relatives and children to see. Boudoir Photography isn’t a public genre. It’s not like a prom portrait, a family photo or a quick selfie in front of the mirror. It’s a very private photo-shoot and it has to be that way for you to feel fully relaxed and comfortable.

Many clients come to us as a result of a life-changing experience. Some are cancer survivors having had surgery to remove a breast… others are rebuilding their lives after a messy divorce… high flying career women who don’t wish to endanger their future prospects… special gifts for their lover and who don’t want their husband to know… cross-dressers who want to look and feel  feminine.

My point is that boudoir photography is a very private service. As a future client, we perfectly understand your fears about who will see your pictures and we offer fully discrete service with a 100%, cast iron guarantee that nobody will see your pictures without your permission.

If you have no objection to us showing your images on our website, there is an opt-in box to tick on your booking form, to give us your permission. If you tick this box, we may feature a small selection of your images to show future clients an example of our work. We will only use your first name or if you prefer to stay anonymous, you can give us a pseudonym to use instead.

PS – if you do consent to us showing your boudoir pictures and they’re a surprise gift for someone special we won’t use them until after you’ve given them to him or her, just in case.

Hope that helps,