Guildford photographer launches new boudoir photography service in Surrey

PRESS RELEASE: Guildford photographer launches new boudoir photography service in Surrey

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April 22nd, 2015

Guildford photographer, Gavin Thorn, today announced the launch of a new, specialist boudoir photography service, HerBoudoirDreams™.

“Boudoir photography is one of the most beautiful genres there is,” said Gavin. “It so much more than creating an intimate portrait, it’s how it makes a woman feel: sensual, desirable, powerful. Completely at one with her body, comfortable with her sexuality, happy and content with who she is. Her size, shape and age are completely irrelevant — it’s who she is and how she feels about herself that matter. Looks have absolutely nothing to do with it. Real women don’t look like fashion models, despite what the media would have us believe and they have just as much right, maybe more so in fact, to look stunning, feel fantastic and be feminine. That’s what boudoir photography is all about.”

With studios located throughout Surrey and the neighbouring counties of Hampshire and West Sussex, one of the attractions of HerBoudoirDreams™ is the ability to match the studio or venue to meet the client’s needs rather than give her the same photo-shoot as everyone else that week, month or even year.

Demand for intimate portraiture is growing rapidly as ever increasing numbers of women are choosing show a bit of cheek for the camera in more ways than one. Some do it as a gift for their partner, others for themselves, yet they all have one thing in common: an exhilarating, empowering experience they’ll never forget… One that’s very different from every other picture they’ve ever made.

“It’s not about nudity,” says Gavin, “in fact the art of boudoir lies much more in the realm of suggestion and sensuality. It plays with the viewer’s imagination, creates desire and stirs emotion. Boudoir photography is very different from a portrait sitting; it’s the one true medium where we see the subject’s real personality”

HerBoudorDreams™ is based in Guildford, Surrey and owned by Gavin Thorn, the founder and creative director of Gavin Thorn Photography. For further information, their website is