Meet Me — Gavin, the Surrey Boudoir Photographer

Gavin Thorn - Boudoir Photographer and Artistic Director at HerBoudoirDreams™

Gavin – Your photographer and Artistic Director at HerBoudoirDreams™


Right now I’m guessing you’re a little nervous about everything (I can relate to that, personally I hate having my picture taken) — that’s why I put this page together: so you can discover a little more about me before you book.

So, who am I???

I’m Gavin and I’ll be your photographer. I’m the founder and artistic director here at HerBoudoirDreams™.

I wasn’t always a photographer — I used to have a very stressful career in IT. I’d risen through the ranks to the point I ran two teams and managed over 20 people. The hours were long, further exacerbated by the 3 hour daily commute. I was constantly tired, irritable and suffered from excruciating migraine headaches. My job was killing me. Literally.

Shortly after my second child was born in 2005 I went to see my GP on the way to work. My blood pressure was 160/100 and it was only 8am! Looking back, he prescribed the best advice I’ve ever had — a lifestyle change. He was absolutely right, but what could I do? Then I hand my epiphany… I’d always loved photography, why not follow a lifelong dream?

I decided to become a fashion photographer.

Everyone told me I was an idiot. That I’d never make it work. That I’d be back within 6 months. It was the fuel I needed, the incentive to succeed and drive me forwards. I was determined there was no way I was going back, whatever the cost. Failure was no longer an option.

I started to raise my game. I was relentless. I studied with some to the leading photographers in the world today, seeking them out and attending their courses, workshops and seminars whenever I could. It cost a small fortune but it was worth it — I started to hone my skills and learn the craft of photographing people. Then came my lucky break. I landed the position of house photographer for a London model agency. It was just what I needed — new faces to work with on a regular a basis. It’s where I learned how to photograph people: how to light them, how to direct them and most importantly, how to ‘see’ them.

It paid off too – my work started to get published and then in 2012 I was a featured photographer in British Vogue. I can still remember the phone call to this day (I actually fell off my chair when the caller said she was from Conde Nast and they wanted to publish one of my images!)

Shortly after I was featured in the Guildford Magazine, had an 8-page spread in Alt-Mu magazine and had images published in several articles in Flawless Magazine, Amor, Drapers, SOSurrey and InBusiness. My images have been published internationally and I’ve shot the covers of Hampshire Life and A+ magazine.

Business has grown steadily since those humble beginnings. Then in 2014 I was awarded an International Best Business Award from the Business Excellence Forum at their EMEA conference and award ceremony in Brighton.

It’s been an incredible journey, one I’m so glad I made. It’s been hard, there’s no denying that, yet so very worthwhile. I’m doing something I truly love to do but most importantly I can now spend time with my wife and two children to make up for all the years I only saw them for a few minutes each day.

My only regret is I didn’t do this 10 years earlier.


Gavin lives in Guildford, Surrey with his lovely wife, Karen, their two wonderful children, Genevieve and Jonathan, and Calypso the kitten.

He runs photography blog and you can find him on twitter as @theLightMatters.

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